Saturday, September 22, 2012

ROHAN TARANG WAKAD PUNE - Real Estate Realty Home and Property Guide

Rohan Tarang is a nice place to live at the best location in Wakad Pune.

Well designed bright and airy apartments, nice friendly cosmopolitan IT crowd, good ambiance and superb view of the Mula River, well connected yet quiet and relatively unpolluted, Rohan Tarang is the only residential complex in South Wakad, quite far away from the din and bustle of North Wakad which has become an overcrowded concrete jungle.

The proximity of Rohan Tarang to Wakad Village enables one to enjoy a nice village-like atmosphere and one can walk down to to the verdant, unpolluted and uncrowded, serene and green park in the Mhatoba Temple Gardens on the banks of Mula River.

The cons are the lack of social infrastructure required for modern living and non-availability of Landline Phone and Broadband Internet Connectivity (BSNL, Airtel and other ISPs have not laid optical fiber cables so far to South Wakad) and erratic internet and cell phone connectivity via wireless.

Hopefully things will improve as development takes place.

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